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Review of Payment Protection Insurance Policies

Last updated 10 March 2014

At the request of the Central Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd undertook a review of Ulster Bank and First Active Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) sales practices. The review covered all policies sold since the 1 July 2007.

All customers who purchased Payment Protection Insurance since the 1 July 2007 have now been contacted by letter advising them of the outcome of the review.

For quality assurance purposes, this project was overseen by an independent third party and closely monitored by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Customers who have not yet responded

We are still awaiting a response from some customers regarding the outcome of the review of their policy. If you have received a letter regarding your PPI policy and we have asked you to respond, please do so immediately. If you are due a refund, postponing your response is delaying your refund payment.

Potential Fraud

To prevent any potential fraud, customers are reminded that they should never disclose their personal and bank account details over the phone to unsolicited callers. Nor should you respond to any payment request to cover such things as ‘Tax’ or upfront processing fees on your PPI claim. Ulster Bank will never request your full account details over the phone or that you make an upfront payment. If you are unsure of a caller’s authenticity or are concerned please contact us.