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Proof of identity - online and telephone applications

To meet legislative requirements and prevent money laundering we need to collect ID that verifies who you are. For proof of identity and address we require two separate items. We won't accept one item to cover both requirements.

The documentation we require will be outlined in your application pack.

You can provide this documentation in one of two ways:

  • You can visit your local branch where your documents will be validated & certified
  • Or you can post the required documents, along with the signed application form, in the pre-paid envelope provided

We need to see:

  • One certified item from the Identification table
  • One original item from the Address table

If you are applying for a credit card or current account with an overdraft facility we may also need to see other supporting documents in order to open you account.

We cannot accept photocopies and items printed from the internet, including internet bank statements.

Verifying Your Identity

  • Certified copy of current valid signed Passport
  • Certified copy of full Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland/UK driving licence or provisional licence
  • Certified copy of Garda Identification (ML10) form and photograph
  • Certified copy of National Identity Card - must show photograph

A note about certified copies

In order to comply with legislation and protect your personal details we need a certified copy of your identification to ensure proof of likeness. The below section tells you who can certify the document for you and what you need to get them to do.

Remember that we can't return certified copies to you, so keep a copy for your records. Unfortunately we can't accept original documents and we will return any original documents that you send us.

Verifying Your Address

  • Original bank, Building Society or Credit Card statement - Less than 6 months old
  • Original utility bill (e.g. gas, electricity) - less than 6 months old. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable
  • Original mortgage summary statement - Less than 12 months old
  • Original notification of determination of tax credits - valid for the current/next tax year
  • Original balancing statement for Revenue Commissioners - issued within 6 months of account opening
  • Original local Authority/County Council Services Bill - issued within the last 6 months

Who can certify?

Documents must be certified by a member of Ulster Bank staff, a solicitor, accountant or notary public

How to certify a document

If you'd like to provide us with a certified copy of a document, here's what the person certifying the document must include on the front page of each document:

*Confirmation that the person certifying the document has seen the original document *Name and signature *Date of certification *Business address (or personal address if there's no business address) *Professional qualifications (if relevant) *Membership number of any trade/industry association (if relevant) *Contact details including address and telephone number.

*Remember sending us the correct documents will allow us to process your application quickly. If you have any questions just call us and we'll talk you through what's required.

Please note that your application is valid for 28 days from the date you apply.

I don't have the right documents?

If you are not able to provide any of the documents we need, please contact us on the following numbers:

  • Current accounts: 185 0211 663
  • Savings accounts: 185 0211 629
  • Credit cards: 017 0254 89
  • Student accounts: 185 0211 640

You can contact us from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Customers with hearing and speech difficulties can contact us by textphone on 1800 924 615.

Loans, credit cards and current accounts with an overdraft

We may need to see copies of your bank/credit card statements and other relevant documentation before we can complete your application.

We will use this documentation to confirm information such as your salary and your mortgage or rent repayments.

It is important that the information you enter when completing the online application reflects what appears in your statements, so you may wish to have these to hand.

Any differences may result in you having to resubmit your application