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Student account - Overview

Ulster Bank Student Package is only available to full-time (minimum course length of one year, maximum six years), third level students aged 18 and over, resident in the Republic of Ireland.

Payments made easy - with your Ulster Bank Visa Debit card

  • Use your debit card to pay in shops or on the internet so there is no need to queue at an ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  • Get cashback from a wide range of retailers
  • You can use this card to withdraw cash, pay for things over the counter, online or on the phone

In fact, you can use your debit card anywhere you see the Visa logo, worldwide!

Click here for more information on Visa Debit

Government card duty applies. Please see our leaflet A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest available in branch for more details.

Anytime Internet and Telephone Banking

Now here’s an idea – free internet and telephone banking on your account with Anytime Banking. You’ll be able to keep a careful eye on what your money is doing wherever you are, 24 /7. Use it to check your balance, pay bills or transfer money. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information on Anytime

Mobile Banking

We’re making it easy to do your daily banking here, there and everywhere – with our new Mobile Banking app.

  • Get Cash – Forgot your card? Have your phone? You can still get cash from any Ulster Bank Cash Machine using the app.
  • Transfers and payments - use the app to pay your friends, family, credit card or bills. Or, if they use our app, pay your friends or family directly using only their mobile number.
  • Weekly balance updates - we’ll text your balance at a time and day that you choose.
  • Limit alert - we’ll send you a text when your account goes above or below a pre-set limit. Handy to know when you can save or splurge!
  • Get your balance when you need it - View an up-to-the-minute account balance or mini-statement any time you need to.

And remember, with an Ulster Bank Current Account you can use our Emergency Cash service at no extra cost for when your Ulster Bank debit card is lost or stolen.

Got a smart phone?

Download our new Mobile Banking App today.

Terms and conditions apply. You must be registered for Anytime Banking, have an Ulster Bank personal account with a Visa card and an ROI mobile number. Payments must be within daily withdrawal limit. App available on selected smart phones only. Data charges may apply.

Banking with no transaction fees

You won’t pay any fees for transactions, standing orders, Direct Debits. Arranged overdraft facilities are also free as long as you stay within the agreed limits.

Charges for additional services still apply. Please see our leaflet A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest available in branch for more details.

Commission-free travel money

Whether taking a break or going to work abroad over the holidays, you can pick up commission-free foreign currency at your local Ulster Bank branch before you travel.

This applies to transactions in a branch only and is for the customer’s own use. It does not include withdrawing money from a cash machine. Offer does not apply to transactions on foreign currency accounts, bank drafts, credit cards or foreign exchange transactions conducted via any other Ulster Bank products or services. For further information on foreign exchange transactions please contact any Ulster Bank branch.

Student Overdraft

To help you through your student days we offer an interest free overdraft (0% variable) of up to €1,500.

You must be an existing customer with a current account with Ulster Bank for 12 months to apply for a student overdraft of up to €750 or you must be in receipt of a grant to receive up to €1,500 dependent on your grant level.

Students studying medicine, dentistry, law, accountancy, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy and veterinary science can apply for a student overdraft of up to €2,500.

To maintain your student overdraft you should actively use your Ulster Bank Student Account as your main account. This means you need to withdraw money at least three times a month and make one or more lodgements each quarter. You will also need to ensure that your account remains in credit for 30 days in any one year period and repay the overdraft within one year of finishing your course.

Whether you have an overdraft will depend on your circumstances and our conditions. We may also carry out credit scoring, this is where we assess whether credit is affordable for you based on the information you provide.

The Overdraft must be repaid by Graduation date. Overdrafts are repayable on demand. The overdraft limit must not be exceeded without prior agreement of Ulster Bank. If the account goes into an unauthorised overdraft or exceeds an authorised overdraft, surcharge interest will be applied on any balance above the overdraft limit. Full details can be found in our leaflet A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest available from any Ulster Bank branch.

Student credit card

A credit limit of €450 if we accept your application and no annual fee makes this credit card a handy little extra in your wallet. You’ll enjoy a rate of 17.9% (variable) on purchases and balance transfers and 21.1% (variable) on cash advances.

Whether you have a credit card will depend on your circumstances and our conditions. We may also carry out credit scoring, this is where we assess whether credit is affordable for you based on the information you provide.

The information below summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions.

Please note Government duty of €30 per annum is payable on credit cards.

Representative Example

Student MasterCard APR and other rates
APR Representative 35.0% APR*
Interest Rates Monthly GoTo Rate Annual GoTo Rates
Simple Effective
Purchases 1.385% (variable) 16.620% (variable) 17.9% (variable)
Cash advances 1.608% (variable) 19.296% (variable) 21.1% (variable)
  • APR is based on Purchases and is inclusive of Government Stamp Duty (Currently €30).
  • The total amount of credit provided is €450.
  • The total amount you will have to repay is €520.51.
  • You repay in 12 equal capital repayments of €37.50.
  • You also repay €40.51 in interest in total across the 12 months

Interest-free period

Maximum 56 days for purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time, and you have repaid your previous months balance in full and on time.

There is no interest free period on cash advances or balance transfers.

Allocation of payments

If you do not pay off your balance in full when you make a payment it will be used to pay off any special offer, balance transfer or promotional offers before any cash withdrawals or standard rate purchases. See terms and conditions for full details.

Minimum repayment

3% of the outstanding balance or €5, whichever is more.


Cash advances: handling fee 1.5%, minimum €2.54.
Foreign-currency transactions: administration fee 2%.
If your payment is late: €8.50.
If you go over your credit limit: €8.50.
If you require an additional copy of your statement: €2
If your payment is returned for want of funds: €7

Rates and information correct as at 1st Jan 2013 and are subject to change.

Important Information

Terms and Conditions Apply

Stamp Duty

Government Stamp Duty is payable on debit cards as follows;
€2.50 is paid where cards have been used at ATMs only.
€2.50 is paid where cards have been used at Point of Sale only.
€5 is paid where cards have been used at ATMs and at Point of Sale

*ATM: Automated Teller Machine

*APR: Annual Percentage Rate

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