Savings & Investments

Taking your individual requirements into account, your Relationship Manager can introduce you to qualified financial advisors within Ulster Bank who can inform you on particular products and investment areas.


An instant access* savings account paying a competitive rate of interest each month, a PRIVATE Reserve Savings Account is only available to PRIVATE customers. A minimum balance of €15,000 is required to open this account. If your balance falls below €15,000, a nominal rate of interest will apply. Please see our A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest brochure available from your Relationship Manager.

Your Relationship Manager can give you more details and help you open your PRIVATE Reserve Savings Account.

All returns are subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT). Under current legislation, the effective DIRT rate is 41%.

Interest is paid every month and you need at least €15,000 to open a PRIVATE Reserve account. We also have Financial Planning Managers available who can review your present situation, take into account future financial goals and prepare a personalised set of recommendations to suit your investment needs.


When you consider the tremendous choice of investment options plus how complicated they are, it's understandable that many people don't make the most of the opportunities available for their money.

For PRIVATE customers, the situation is different. An important part of your relationship manager's role is to give you access to a range of qualified financial advisors within Ulster Bank who can provide investment opportunities that reflect your needs.

Please read our PRIVATE terms and conditions (PDF), and the Terms and Conditions for the PRIVATE Reserve account.

Review the preferential rates of our PRIVATE Reserve account (PDF) as well as the deposit options available to all PRIVATE customers.

*You are required to register for Anytime Banking to be able to access your funds and manage your account online or over the telephone. If you do not register for Anytime Banking you can manage your account through the branch network. Transfers to an account at other ROI banks or building societies, either online or over the phone, are subject to a daily limit of €13,000. This limit is subject to variation and is correct as at 24 September 2010. If you wish to transfer more than this amount please contact Private Telephone service on 1850 211 647 to discuss the options available to you.

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