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Free Security Software - Download

Boost your defences against online fraud

When it comes to identity fraud, even antivirus software and a firewall aren't always enough. That's because criminals can bypass these defences, to pry on your login details.

It only takes seconds to install your software. There's no need to restart your computer. And it's already set up to protect you when you use Ulster Bank Anytime Banking.

Please ensure you read the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) issued by Trusteer during download and installation

Check Rapport works with your computer.
Operating system Browser Download software
PC users Microsoft Windows (XP and above) Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome
Mac users OS X 10.8 and above Safari

Mozilla Firefox
Tablet users Please note at present Trusteer's Rapport software is not available for tablet or mobile devices.

Screen reading software

At the moment Rapport isn't compatible with screen readers. Although you can install it, the protection won't work properly - as you'd have to turn off some of the key features.

However, we're working with Trusteer to establish whether a more accessible version can be made available in the future.

Important Information

Please remember that for security reasons we will only ever ask you to enter random characters from your Internet PIN and Password when you logon to Anytime Banking. The process for logging on to this service is not affected by Rapport.