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Simple steps to protect yourself online - Overview

Hints and tips to make you more secure online.

Logging in to Anytime Banking

Always access Anytime Banking by typing the web address into your web browser. Never divulge your online PIN & password. We only ever ask for random digits, not the full PIN or password.

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Beware of email scams

Never go to a website from a link in an e-mail purporting to be from Ulster Bank and then enter personal details.

Never respond to an e-mail that asks for confidential or personal security information. Ulster Bank will never send you such an e-mail.

Never respond to any unexpected or suspicious emails - and don't click on any attachments within such emails.

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Make sure your operating system and web browser are secure

Attackers target computers that don't have the latest protection. Make sure you've set your computer to get the latest updates automatically from the internet.

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Use a firewall

Install and activate a personal firewall. This can shield your computer from unauthorised access and prevent unwanted internet activity.

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Use up-to-date anti-virus software

Install and maintain anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is designed to stop viruses, Trojans and other harmful code from infecting your computer. However, it will only work properly if it's always on, and always kept up-to-date.

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Don't let the spies in

Spyware can be devastating - the more vindictive strains work to capture your personal information, such as passwords and PINs. Protect yourself by using anti-spyware software and keeping it up-to-date.

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Be careful which sites you trust

Remember, some websites are set up solely to steal personal details from unsuspecting visitors. So don't give out your details (such as your credit card information) unless you know the website has an up-to-date security certificate.

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If you have any technical queries relating to your Anytime Internet Banking, please see our Help 24/7 service for assistance.