Deposit Accounts

Closing your Deposit Account

A guide to closing your deposit account

Choose, Move, Close

When you are closing your current account, you may also have a deposit account that you need to close.

Find your deposit account in three easy steps:

1) Choose

If you don’t already have a deposit account elsewhere, you should look for an alternative provider before closing your account.

2) Move

We have a number of different types of deposit that you may have, and how to go about moving your deposit is explained further down this page.

You should make sure you have any documents you might need before you close your account (e.g. statements, certificates of interest) as you may not have access to these after the account is closed.

We will apply any credit interest accrued up until the date of closure and all returns are subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT).  Under current legislation the effective DIRT rate is 33%.

3) Close

We have several different types of deposit account, and how you close those differs in some ways. We have explained how you can close these accounts below. 

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Need additional support?

We have additional online resources to help you:
If you need extra support to close your account e.g. due to a disability, health condition or because your circumstances have changed, we have a number of ways to contact us:
  • Call our dedicated helpline on 1800 818375 or +35315317171 from outside the Republic of Ireland. Line opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am until 17:00 pm. Call costs may vary and calls from mobile phones may not be free.