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Contactless debit cards

Now you can just tap and go when paying for items under €50            

At a glance

Our debit cards come with Contactless technology. This means you have a super-quick, no-fuss way to pay for everyday items under €50 like a coffee, lunch or travel at participating retailers.

So, whenever you see the Contactless symbol on the card reader, simply tell the retailer you want to pay by Contactless and touch your card against the reader.

How does it work?

It's safe and secure

Contactless payments are as safe as any other service we and Visa offer. Visa Debit cards with Contactless use the same secure technology as our existing cards.

Before you make your first Contactless transaction you will need to complete a successful Chip and PIN transaction. From time to time, we'll also ask for your PIN as extra security.

We take security very seriously. Provided you've looked after your card and PIN, we'll protect you should you experience any loss or fraud.

It's still a debit card too

Your Contactless card still has all the benefits and security features of a Visa Debit card. It can still be used to make purchases or get cash back as normal using Chip and PIN.

Other benefits include:

  • Purchase Protection, allowing you to recover payment for faulty or undelivered goods
  • Secure online shopping through Ulster Bank Secure
  • Worldwide acceptance wherever the Visa logo is displayed
  • The ability to set up recurring payments