Meet John

John is a regular user of Anytime Banking and the Ulster Bank Mobile App. As he maintains a cleared balance of €3,000 in his account for the full charge period, John is not charged transaction fees. 

If John’s balance went below €3,000 at any point during the charge cycle, his transactions would be chargeable.   

This is how his fees will break down in a typical month:

Transaction type Fee Number of transactions Monthly cost (if waiver
not met)
cost due
to waiver
Contactless €0.01 11 €0.11 €0.00
Debit card €0.20 20 €4.00 €0.00
Automated €0.20 9 €1.80 €0.00
ATM €0.35 3 €1.05 €0.00
Total transaction free     €7.65 €0.00
Total     €9.76 €2.00