Meet Sarah

Sarah is an Anytime Banking user and keeps track of her finances using the Ulster Bank Mobile App. She has registered her debit card to use Apple Pay. In an average month, Sarah taps her Contactless card 12 times. She uses her debit card 23 times and has 13 automated transactions. These are broken down as 6 direct debits, 4 electronic payments, 2 transfers and 1 standing order. Sarah takes out cash at an ATM around once a week and writes 1 cheque per month.

This is how her fees will break down in a typical month:

Transaction type Fee Number of transactions Monthly cost
Contactless €0.01 12 €0.12
Debit card €0.20 23 €4.60
Automated €0.20 13 €2.60
ATM €0.35 5 €1.75
Total transaction fee     €9.87
Total   54 €11.87

Sarah could reduce her transaction fees by:

  • Maintaining a cleared balance of 3,000 in her account for each charging cycle.
  • Instead of writing a cheque, Sarah could make a payment online using Anytime Banking or her Mobile App which could save her €0.60 per transaction.
  • Ensuring she uses her Contactless card for all transaction under €50 where she sees the Contactless symbol as these transactions have the lowest cost (€0.01 per transaction) and registering for Apple Pay or Google Pay to enable her to also complete Contactless transactions via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Sarah can also keep track of her account by switching to paperless on Anytime Banking. This will mean she will receive her account statements and mail online. She can view her preferences by clicking on the ‘Paperless settings’ option in the left hand menu within Anytime Banking.