Corporate Sustainability

"At Ulster Bank, our Purpose is to champion potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive. Being a responsible business is at the very core of that purpose, guiding our decisions and enabling us to build a more sustainable bank that benefits our communities, our colleagues and the environment in which we live and work.

As a business, we have always prioritised our social and environmental responsibilities. This means everything from focusing on vulnerable customers’ needs to providing a supportive and healthy workplace for our colleagues; from giving back to our communities to recognising the vital role that we and other financial institutions play in slowing climate change. And whilst we have made great progress, we are quick to acknowledge that we have so much more to do.

I know from experience that we will only succeed when our customers and wider communities succeed. Our new Purpose will be the standard by which we hold ourselves to account. I am confident that our strategy and purpose will build a bank that delivers great service to our customers, which all of us can be proud of."

Jane Howard, Chief Executive, Ulster Bank 

In 2020, our Sustainability Report was integrated into the Annual Report. Please click here to view.

Sustainable Banking

We are committed to building a sustainable bank. By this, we mean a financially sound bank that serves all our customers, and contributes strongly to our economy, society, and our communities. Balancing our business decisions by taking account of the interests of our many stakeholders is important in building a good business based on trust, and these pages outline the steps we are taking to make that happen.