Card Protection Insurance Policies

At the request of the Central Bank of Ireland, Homecare Insurance Limited and its partner banks put in place a voluntary redress scheme (the “Scheme”) for policyholders who purchased a Card Protection policy through them, or renewed through Homecare Insurance Limited from 1 August 2006. The scheme commenced on 30 March 2015 and customers who purchased or renewed a Card Protection policy since 1 August 2006 have received letters and a claim form. 

Card Protection is an optional policy which offers protection to policyholders in the event of card loss or fraud. This product was provided by Homecare Insurance Limited, a subsidiary of the CPP Group and its partner banks.

Consumers may have been provided with inaccurate information (some of the advertised benefits could not be claimed) when the policy was sold as the product contained an element of cover for unauthorised use which was not required, as certain events were covered by the card scheme. 

Important Information

The deadline for submitting a claim under the Scheme has now passed.  If you purchased or renewed a policy since 1 August 2006 and wish us to investigate your claim for redress under our complaints process, please contact us:  

By Phone

From the Republic of Ireland 1890 924 257            From Abroad 0044 345 301 9947                                Lines are open Monday – Sunday, 8am – 10pm

In writing.

Address:  Cards Customer Services                           CPP Team,                                                                      Ground Floor                                                                           PO BOX 5747                                                              Southend-on-Sea                                                            United Kingdom                                                                    SS1 9AJ