Choose, Move, Close

Finding your new Current Account in 3 easy steps. Simply: Choose, Move, Close

We will communicate with you directly in advance of any changes affecting you that require you to take action on closing your account. While we are not asking customers to move bank right now we are ready to help.


Over the coming year there will be many changes to the products and services that you have with us. Starting in early 2022 we will begin writing to customers giving up to 6 months notice that we will be closing your account. This means you will need to choose a new provider and open a new account with them.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) provides independent product comparison tools to help you find another provider, visit CCPC Money Tools and for information on switching your current account, visit CCPC Switching Accounts.


There are two ways to move. Speak to your new provider about which option will work best for you.

Option A: Switch yourself

1. Ensure you have an alternative account in place with another provider

If you don’t have an account elsewhere, you should seek an alternative provider.

Contact your new provider to open an account. Most providers will allow you to open an account either online, over the phone or face-to-face.

Check what documentation your new provider may require prior to opening your account, e.g. proof of address or photo I.D.

2. Getting ready to close your account(s)

Identify and contact those making regular payments into your account, such as your salary, pension, or social welfare. Make a list of companies who are authorised to debit your account e.g., direct debits or regular payments, and provide them with your new account details.*

If you have standing orders set-up on your account, they will be cancelled as part of the account closure process and you will need to set them up again on your new account.*

Leave sufficient funds in your Ulster Bank account to cover any outstanding charges or interest due on your account.

Ensure that any overdrawn balance is repaid and all written cheques have been cleared before instructing your account to be closed. Any cheques written that have not been presented for payment will be returned unpaid following account closure.

If you have a UFirst, UFirst Gold or UFirst Private Current Account, please note that when you close your account, you may no longer be entitled to the benefits associated with your account. Visit ulsterbank.ie/brochures for further information.


Option B: Alternatively Switch your Current Account(s) through your new provider

The switching service* allows you to switch your current account to another provider.

To start the switching process, get in touch with your new account provider and complete your request to switch.

Your new provider will contact us to start the switch and we will provide them with a list of your standing orders and Direct Debits (a copy will also be sent to you).

You should then inform your existing Direct Debit originators/creditors of your new account details. Your new bank will set up your Standing Orders on your new account.

If you are due a refund of stamp duty, this will be applied to your balance and any outstanding fees/charges will be deducted before closure.


Option A

Closing your account(s). Write to us and include:

  • The name(s) on your Ulster Bank account.
  • BIC and IBAN of the account(s) to be closed.
  • BIC, IBAN & customer name(s) of alternative account with new provider.
  • Signatures for all parties on the account.

Once your account is closed, destroy all cards, chequebooks and lodgement books associated with your closed account.


Option B

Your new current account provider will notify us to now close your account. We will close your account, transfer any credit balance to your new account and send you a closing statement.

*Ulster Bank complies with the Central Bank of Ireland Code of Conduct on the Switching of Payment Accounts with Payment Service Providers 2016.