Managing debt Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP)


If you're in financial trouble, we're here to help. Ulster Bank's financial assessment is designed to help customers who are trying to continue to meet their debt repayments but due to a change in circumstances cannot afford to meet their full monthly mortgage repayments. We are committed to working with you.

Please call our Arrears Support Unit on 1800 435 763 or download our Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (pdf) brochure.

We have a team of specially trained staff ready to take your call . We will carry out a financial review and complete a standard financial statement with you over the phone. We will also look at possible solutions and the repayment options best suited to you.


By contacting our Arrears Support Unit directly, you will engage with staff who are trained in completion of what can be a complex document and eliminate the requirement for unnecessary paperwork which can often result in delays in providing you with the help you need at this time.

We can do it all over the phone - please call us.

We are committed to working with you in the most efficient and timely manner.


Alternatively you do have the option of completing our standard financial statement and returning it directly to our Arrears Support Unit

Arrears Support Unit
Ulster Bank
Block B, Central Park
Dublin 18

Once the form has been received, a member of our dedicated Arrears Support Unit (ASU) will attempt to make contact with you, to discuss a suitable solution. They will review your current financial situation and discuss alternative repayment arrangements. Click to view how we can help.

Review the Central Bank's guide on how to complete the standard financial statement.


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