Choose the right option for you 

Going abroad?

Using your cards abroad

Using your cards abroad saves you the hassle and worry of carrying cash.  It also reduces the need to bring different currencies when travelling extensively, making it easier to budget.

With Ulster Bank, we help to protect you while you are abroad, so before you go:

  • Register your travel details with us at least 24 hours before your trip, and we’ll do our best to ensure your holiday spending isn’t affected at all. You can register your card in the 'Manage my card' option in the Mobile Banking app. Find out more about Mobile Banking.
  • Make sure you've provided us with your mobile number in case we need to contact you.
  • Take a note of our emergency contact number should you have any problems with your cards.

Order foreign currency

The last thing you need when you're abroad is to have to think about where you're going to get your local currency. You can now order the money you need before travelling abroad using our online form and collect it at a branch of your choosing.


With our travel money service, you get the benefits of:

    -  You can pre-order almost any currency

    -  Delivery to a branch of your choice

    -  Debited direct from your account

Make sure that you're covered

Remember to take your EHIC card with you if you're travelling in Europe, this will let you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free - you will still need Travel Insurance.

Don't forget, if you have a current account with benefits with us, you could be covered by our travel insurance.

Leftover currency?

When you return from your trip, we will gladly buy back your leftover foreign currency notes and Travellers Cheques, providing the notes are in an acceptable condition. Remember, we don't buy back coins or certain denominations of bank notes and will only purchase currency that we deal in at that time.