Take the next step with an Agreement in Principle

How it works

You can get an Agreement in Principle online if you’re:

 buying a property or

 remortgaging your current home or 

 building a property

You’re not committing to anything at this stage – you're not tied to a particular type of deal if you decide to apply for a mortgage with us. Just remember that an AiP isn't a guarantee we'll lend to you.


What you'll get:

    An indication of how much we could lend to you.  You're not committing to anything at this stage 

    Dont have time to register?  Start an AiP without registering, but you won't be able to save and return

What you'll need: 

    Your basic income 

    Other regular income such as commission and bonuses 

    Your monthly outgoings including loans, credit cards and childcare

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