€1,500 towards your legal fees


Offer details and eligibility


What’s the offer


  • Offer is available across the Ulster Bank residential and buy to let mortgage product range
  • Mortgage application must be submitted by 30th June 2022
  • €1,500 payment as a contribution to your legal fees will be made into the current account from which your mortgage payment is made after mortgage drawdown. This amount is fixed and will not change if your legal fees are higher or lower


Who is eligible?


  • Any customer taking a new mortgage, including first time buyers, home movers, switchers and buy to let
  • Minimum mortgage amount is €40,000 for residential and €50,000 for buy to let
  • Where existing customers are taking a Top Up on their mortgage, or moving to a 10 year ECB tracker rate, they can avail of the offer so long as they are borrowing at least an additional €40,000 at our fixed or variable rates, and the new Loan to Value will be no more than 90%.
  • Otherwise, the offer excludes customers taking 10 year ECB tracker rates, top up / further advance, offset mortgages, negative equity rates, or seeking only to transfer title.