Changing your details

If you are currently repaying your Personal Loan from your Ulster Bank current account, prior to this account being closed, you will need to provide us with the details of the new account that you wish to use for your Personal Loan repayments. You can do this in one of following ways:

  • If you already have a new account set up with your new provider, you can update/amend your Personal Loan Direct Debit information by calling the Ulster Bank Customer service team on 0818 210 260 and providing your new current account IBAN & BIC details over the phone.
  • Log in to Anytime Banking or the mobile app and complete the ‘Manage your Personal Loan Direct Debit’ form.
  • If you are going to Switch your Ulster Bank Current account to a new provider, once your new account is opened, you will complete a Switcher Pack with them. Your new Current account provider will contact us to start the switch and we will provide them with a list of your Direct Debits (a copy will also be sent to you). We will update your new IBAN and BIC on your Ulster Bank Personal Loan Direct Debit once we receive the switcher pack.

If you need to change your monthly repayment date, you can call the Ulster Bank Customer service team on 0818 210 260.

If you need to change the name or address related to your loan, there are numerous ways that you can let us know.  Find out your different options here.