Current Accounts

Getting ready to switch

The Switcher Process

Switch or close your account?

You have two options to consider: 

Option 1: Close & move the account yourself

Option 2: Switch your Current Account(s) through your new provider.


Find out what role you, your new provider and Ulster Bank have in the switching process

Your responsibilities

Your new provider



Your new provider will open your new current account and provide you with a switcher pack to complete. This includes the Account Transfer Form and sample letter templates you can use to inform your employer & other parties of your new bank details

They will send the completed Account Transfer Form to Ulster Bank to commence the switch. This form includes the following:  

  1. Signed authority to close your existing Ulster Bank account (if option A selected) with a nominated close date
  2. Authority to transfer your closing balance from your old to new account
  3. Instruction to share and update your Direct Debit & standing order information

They will set up your standing orders from the list provided by Ulster Bank.

They must ensure that all steps of the Switcher process have been completed within 10 working days from the agreed switch date.



Ulster Bank

  1. When we receive your Account Transfer Form, we will provide a list of your Direct Debits & standing orders to your new provider. A copy will also be shared with you. UBIDAC must ensure that all steps are taken to facilitate moving your account within 7 working days of the switching date.
  2. We will notify any company in ROI with whom you have a Direct Debit with of your new bank details so they can update their records.
  3. We will close your existing Ulster Bank account.  Debit interest & charges will be applied and the net balance will be transferred to your new account. provided you have selected this option within your Switcher pack which is recommended.
  4. Where requested, we will provide you with a bank statement  for the past twelve months, free of charge.  



Top tips for a smooth switch

Get the timing right

Choose a time of the month to switch when there is least activity on your account in terms of Direct Debits, standing orders and salary payments.

Contact anyone you pay by Direct Debit

Let your Direct Debit originators know your new account details, to ensure that they are changed on time.

Check your statements

You can download or print Bank statements on your existing UB account via your online banking within the "Statements" Or "Mailbox" menu sections.

Get set up for online banking

Register your new bank account for online banking as soon as possible and check your standing orders, direct debits have been set up correctly.

Avoid using your debit card

Avoid using your Ulster Bank cards or chequebook once the switching process has started as transactions that have not cleared will delay the switching process.

Don't forget about subscriptions

Any subscriptions linked to your debit card do not fall under the switcher code and need to be reviewed manually. Please refer to FAQ “Subscriptions” for extra guidance.

Use the switcher pack

You'll find an Account Transfer Form in the switcher pack supplied by your new provider. It is important to fill out 1 transfer form per account and ensure each form is signed according to the signing rules of the account you wish to switch.

Make sure your completed form is easy to read

Complete the personal Account Transfer Form in black ballpoint pen. Check all the account details are correct on the form.

Need additional support?

If you need extra support to close your account e.g. due to a disability, health condition or because your circumstances have changed, we have a number of ways to contact us:


  • Call our dedicated helpline on 1800 656 001