Anytime Internet Banking

Card reader

To get the most out of your Anytime Banking you will need a card reader. A card reader can be ordered from your Anytime Banking.

A card reader will allow you to:

  • Make payments in Anytime Banking
  • Set up or change regular payments
  • Update your details

And much more...

What you can do with Anytime Internet Banking

Our Anytime Internet Banking service gives you the flexibility to manage your money at any time 365 days a year, from the comfort of your own home.

Your new Anytime Banking Mailbox

  • Your Anytime Banking Mailbox allows you to securely receive and access important mail we’ve sent you in electronic format. 
  • You can view, download or print PDF copies of your mail whenever you like.
  • We will automatically send eligible mail to your Anytime Banking Mailbox as well as sending a paper copy by post. If you don’t need the paper version, you can choose to go paperless by selecting the 'Paperless settings' option in the left hand menu within Anytime Banking.
  • We’re continuing to make more letters available to access online. You can now receive selected account opening letters to your Mailbox, so if you’re opening a new savings account, current account or personal loan you’ll see your new account documents in your Mailbox.

Find out more about your Anytime Banking Mailbox

What else is new?

Using your Debit Card abroad? - you can now let us know your travel plans in advance via Anytime Banking so we can reduce the likelihood of your card being blocked while abroad.

  • Simply login to Anytime Banking
  • Select the 'Cards' option
  • Click 'Manage your travel plans for your debit card' and submit your travel date and destination.

How can Alerts help me?

Sign up for Alerts now

Mobile app

Set up an manage alerts straight form you mobile app.

  1. 01

    Log into your Mobile app

  2. 02
    Select the profile icon to the top right of the screen once logged in
  3. 03
    Select Settings
  4. 04

    Select Alerts

  5. 05

    'View Activity Alerts’ will show you what activity alerts you have set up, these can only be amended via online banking

  6. 06

    Selecting an account will allow you to amend the alerts for each, including – Act Now Alerts and Balance Alerts. Pre-advice of Interest and Charges and New Statement Issued are only able to be amended via online banking

  7. 07

    To amend how Act Now Alerts are sent, simply tap on the option, and select the text, email or ‘both’ option and tap ‘save’

  8. 08

    To amend Balance Alerts tap on the option, then set a lower balance and/or a higher balance and then tap ‘save’

Sign up online

A great way to register and manage your alerts is through Anytime Internet Banking.


Anytime Internet Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland account.


If you have your debit card to hand you could get online immediately. If not we will send your activation details to you once you complete our registration form.


You can register online here.