Mobile Banking

Why should you bank on your mobile?

What you need to get started

  • Your Anytime Internet Banking login details
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Download the app from the relevant app store - It is available on iOS and Android devices.

A step-by-step guide to getting the mobile app

  1. If you haven't downloaded the app yet or need to reinstall the app, click on your relevant app store button below, and do it now.
  2. Open your new Ulster Bank app on your phone or tablet and if you already bank with us tap the 'I'm an existing customer' button.
  3. Tap 'Get started' to read and accept the Mobile Banking Terms.
  4. Enter your customer number. This is the 10-digit number you use to log in to Anytime Banking and starts with your date of birth. If you don't have a customer number, or you have forgotten it, simply tap 'What's my customer number'.
  5. Enter the digits from your Anytime Banking PIN and password. We will never ask you for your full PIN or password and you should never give these to anyone.
  6. Confirm the mobile number we hold for you on screen is up to date, as we will need to send you an activation code to make sure it's you, this will help keep your account secure.
  7. Set up a passcode that you will use to log in to your app in future. If you have a compatible iPhone you can enable Touch ID or Face ID. Or on compatible Android phones enable 'Fingerprints'. This will allow you to log in securely, so there’s no need to always remember your passcode.
  8. You have now finished setting up your new app so you can start to explore all the great features and enjoy banking on the go. Log in and visit the 'Help' menu to discover how to make payments, manage your Direct Debits and new features coming soon.
  9. App available to customers with Anytime Banking using compatible iOS or Android devices with a Republic of Ireland mobile number or international number from selected countries.

New ways to pay with your mobile

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the new, easy and secure way to pay using an eligible Ulster Bank debit cards, Visa credit and Mastercard credit cards and an Apple device.

  • Make contactless payments in shops
  • Pay with a single touch within apps
  • Use Apple Pay to make online purchases

There is no set limit for how much can be spent using Apple Pay, however retailers may apply contactless limits. Some retailers may accept Apple Pay transactions for larger amounts.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the new way to pay with your Ulster Bank debit card, Visa credit and Mastercard credit card.

You can tap and pay with your Android device just like you can with your contactless card. It's easy to set up, safe and secure.

Available on Android devices running Android Lollipop® 5.0 or higher. Available to Ulster Bank current account holders, Visa credit and Mastercard credit card holders.

Forgotten Pin & Password

Can't remember your Online Banking details?

If you do not know your Online Banking PIN and Password then you will need to reset your Online Banking. This will remind you of your Customer Number and allow you to reset your PIN and Password.

This takes a few minutes and you will need your account number, sort code and debit card to hand.

How can Alerts help me?

Sign up for Alerts now

Mobile app

Set up an manage alerts straight form you mobile app.

  1. 01

    Log into your Mobile app

  2. 02
    Select the profile icon to the top right of the screen once logged in
  3. 03
    Select Settings
  4. 04

    Select Alerts

  5. 05

    'View Activity Alerts’ will show you what activity alerts you have set up, these can only be amended via online banking

  6. 06

    Selecting an account will allow you to amend the alerts for each, including – Act Now Alerts and Balance Alerts. Pre-advice of Interest and Charges and New Statement Issued are only able to be amended via online banking

  7. 07

    To amend how Act Now Alerts are sent, simply tap on the option, and select the text, email or ‘both’ option and tap ‘save’

  8. 08

    To amend Balance Alerts tap on the option, then set a lower balance and/or a higher balance and then tap ‘save’

Sign up online

A great way to register and manage your alerts is through Anytime Internet Banking.


Anytime Internet Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible Ulster Bank Republic of Ireland account.


If you have your debit card to hand you could get online immediately. If not we will send your activation details to you once you complete our registration form.


You can register online here.

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