Anytime Banking

Your statement & transactions explained

Stay in control of your finances when reviewing your statements and transactions.

What's the difference?


  • Statements only show cleared transactions.
  • They have a set date range, usually monthly
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF for your records

Transaction lists

  • Show cleared and uncleared transactions such as cheques
  • You can set the range and layout of a transaction list
  • Transaction lists in Anytime Banking can be expanded to show more information on a single transaction

Credit Cards

Pending transactions

You will now be able to see your pending credit card transactions in Anytime Banking. A pending transaction is an authorised transaction that is waiting to be processed – you can see these in your pending transaction list, but they are not reflected on in your current balance. Once a pending transaction has cleared, it will appear in your balance.

See your latest transactions and balance

You can view, search or download your latest credit card balance and transactions when you log into Anytime Banking. Only cleared transactions will show in your cleared balance, search results or any transactions you export or download.

Additional payment details

To help you keep track of your spending, additional information is now available when viewing your credit card transactions online:

  • The credit card end numbers
  • The date the transaction cleared
  • Merchant details including name and location
  • Easier to identify payments to and from your credit card