Online statements

Stay in control of your finances when reviewing your statements and transactions.

Online statements

Online banking makes it easy to search your account history by date or transaction type, view up to 7 years of statement history, or switch from paper to online statements. You can keep up to date with your latest transactions online in a number of ways:  

Online mini-statement

Your online mini-statement appears on the Account Summary page of online banking. It shows the last 6 transactions on your account as well as your 'Balance' and 'available funds'.

Online PDF statements

You can access up to 7 years of statement history online via PDF.  These can be downloaded or printed should you need a copy of your statement. Your online statement includes the following information:

  1. Account: Name of the account the statement covers
  2. Period: Time frame the statement covers
  3. Date: The date when the transaction was made by yourself or claimed by the retailer
  4. Type: This is the type of transaction which has been completed. View a list of abbreviations used on statements.  
  5. Description: This gives more detail about the transaction
  6. Paid in: Value of the transaction paid (credited) into your account
  7. Paid out: Value of the transaction taken out (debited) from your account
  8. Balance: This is the balance of the account when the transaction was completed

How can I get a copy of my statement?

If your account is still open, you can view and download up to 7 years of statement history in PDF format using Anytime Banking. To view your latest statement online, follow the steps below:

  1. Select 'Statements' from the menu of Anytime Banking and click on the 'View, save and print PDF statements and certificates of interest (up to 7 years)' option.
  2. Choose an account from the list and click 'Next', then choose which date range you want to view.
  3. Click 'View statement'. Your full statement for that date range will be displayed. At the top of the statement click on the 'Download Statement (PDF)' link. 
  4. When prompted select 'Open'. Your statement will be downloaded and opened as a PDF file. You can now print or save the PDF file.


If you are not registered for Anytime Banking or need to order a statement because your account is now closed, please contact our Telephony team on 0818 210 260.

Did you know...

You can also access a PDF copy of your Certificate of Interest through online banking should you need it for tax purposes.

More about your online statement

What's the difference?


  • Statements only show cleared transactions.
  • They have a set date range, usually monthly
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF for your records

Transaction lists

  • Show cleared and uncleared transactions such as cheques
  • You can set the range and layout of a transaction list
  • Transaction lists in Anytime Banking can be expanded to show more information on a single transaction

Go green, go paperless with online statements

It's easy to reduce the paper trail and switch some or all of your accounts to online statements.

  • Less waste, no shredding required!
  • Search up to 7 years of statement history online
  • Switch back to paper statements at any time