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Accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy

Our climate strategy

Ulster Bank, in line with our parent NatWest Group, are committed to helping to address the climate challenge.

We have made good progress reducing our green house gas emissions by 61% since 2014 and in 2020 we became net carbon zero by offsetting all Scope 1, 2 and 3 (business travel) emissions from our own operations through the purchase of internationally recognised carbon credits.

We will continue to seek ways to reduce our environmental impact and support NatWest Group’s Climate ambitions. These include becoming climate positive by 2025, at least halving the climate impact of the Group’s financing activity by 2030 and achieving alignment with the Paris Agreement.

How can you get involved?

Going paperless

Switching to paperless is a quick and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Mail and statements can be viewed via online banking or in our mobile app, making it a safe and handy way to manage all your documents.

Specific mobile and online banking criteria applies.

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Climate and sustainable finance news

Developments in the green energy sector and beyond.

Additional resources

Taking action

Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) has tips to save energy and reduce your energy consumption and bills.

From carbon calculators to carbon offsetting tips and climate community projects, carbonfootprint.com has it all.

Google’s Your Plan Your Planet tool offers simple, personalised recommendations for how you can reduce your carbon footprint.


Climate education

NASA’s Climate Kids website brings climate science to life with fun games, interactive features and exciting articles.

The United Nations website explains their global Sustainable Development Goals.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is the world's leading independent conservation organisation. Their website provides education, news articles and tools for taking action.

Environment Protection Agency website explains the impact climate change will have for Ireland.


Industry insights

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is Ireland's national sustainable energy authority.

Irish Wind Energy Association is the national association for the wind industry in Ireland.

There are a range of Ted Talks which offer bold new perspectives on climate change by industry experts.