Important Customer Notice

On 21st April 2023, all our Ulster Bank branches across the Republic of Ireland permanently closed. To all of our customers and colleagues over the years, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for allowing us to be part of your community.

Our Customer Support Hub is here to help you through the closure of Ulster Bank Ireland DAC

Offset Mortgages and linked accounts


Ulster Bank has issued an update to offset customers regarding their mortgage and linked accounts.

For further information, please visit our Support Hub.


Online Statements


Access paper copies of your online statements for your current or savings accounts


If your account is closed, please call 0818 210 260

Manage Your Mortgage

Stay in control - view your current balance, switch to a new product and more

  • Request Certificate of Interest
  • Set up new Direct Debit
  • Change payment date

Credit Card Update

Ulster Bank Credit Cards no longer work, however you can make repayments to clear any outstanding balance online or over the phone. Find out more.


Card Payment Refunds

For further information regarding credit and debit card refunds, for example Ticketmaster or Hotel Bookings visit our Support Hub.

Notice for Bond Holders

We have issued an important notice to our bond holders.


Please visit the links below for more information:


Bond Holder Notice for GBP11.75% & EUR11.375% Bonds.

Bond Holder Notice for the GBP floating rate Bond

Protect your account from fraud

We're aware that fraudsters are sending text messages and emails that look like they come from Ulster Bank. Remember we will never ask you to click a link and provide personal or financial information via text or email. If you’re in doubt about whether a message from us is genuine, please contact us.