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Savings accounts are no longer available to new or existing customers

Business saving accounts

Instant Access Accounts

Providing instant access to your funds

No limit to the number of withdrawals

Account can be viewed on Bankline

No penalties for withdrawals

Interest accrued up to the time of closure, including bonus interest, will be applied before your account is closed

Notice accounts are now instant access, notice requirements and penalties for withdrawals will be waived

The rate of interest may be positive, where the Bank pays you interest, or negative, where you pay interest to the Bank. Where the rate is 0% no interest will be applied.

Important Information

For further information on all of our savings accounts please read:

Currency Call Deposit

Account for your foreign currency funds to help mitigate any foreign exchange risk and diversify your savings portfolio.

Interest credited monthly

Minimum balance applies

Cannot be operated as a current account

Visible on our online platform, Bankline

No administration fee applies*


*Note other fees and charges may apply. For further information please see our International banking schedule of services (PDF, 250 KB) brochure.

If you don't close your Foreign Currency Call Deposit account before the date in your closure letter, your account will be closed by us with your remaining balance (debit or credit) converted into Euro at the prevailing market rate of exchange applicable on the date of closure and transferred to your servicing account.

Important Information

For further information on our Currency Call Deposit please read:

Interest Rates

Please see our credit balance interest rates below

Instant Access Rates

Currency Call Deposit Rates

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