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Important Notice about Closure to New Business:

With effect from close of business 29 October 2021, Ulster Bank Ireland DAC will not accept any new application requests from personal customers. There are some exceptions to this for existing customers, click here for further information. 


Current Accounts for those living outside the Republic of Ireland but within the EU

Compare our current accounts


€2 per month plus transaction fees (unless you keep €3k in your account each month). If you are aged 66 or over these fees do not apply.


An account with basic features. No credit facilities or chequebook and no monthly maintenance fee.

You can apply for this account in any one of our branches.











A simple, straightforward bank account with no credit facilities. You can apply if you're an EU resident aged 18 or over. 

The Foundation Account is our basic account which gives you instant access to your money. This account can be applied for in branch. You can apply if you're an EU resident aged 18 or over. 

Lodgement Limit | Foundation Account

There is a maximum amount that can be lodged into a Foundation Account over a 12 month period. This amount is equivalent to the national minimum hourly rate of pay (as declared from time to time in accordance with section 11 of the National Minimum Wage Act 2000 (No. 5 of 2000) multiplied by 2,080 (i.e. 40 hour week x 52 weeks of the year).


For example, based on the current national minimum hourly rate of pay of €10.20, the maximum amount that can be lodged to the Foundation Account over a 12 month period is €21,216 ( i.e. €10.20 x 40 hours per week x 52 weeks per year).


If money is lodged to your Foundation Account that is in excess of the lodgement limit we may change your account to a Standard Account.

Opening an account with Ulster Bank

EU Member Countries - if you reside in any of the countries listed below, you are eligible to open an account with Ulster Bank


The EU has 28 member countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom 




Opening an account- key information

Please make sure you are:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • An EU resident

What you need to do:

Read the Important Documents section below.


Select the account you wish to apply for and then print and complete the application form. If you wish to apply for a Foundation Account, you must apply in an Ulster Bank branch.


Once you have completed the appropriate application form, sign it and send along with the required documentation (listed below) to the address provided on the application form. 


Correct and properly certified documentation must be provided in accordance with the guidance notes below.


Guidance notes and a template to be used for certifying the required documentation confirming identity and address are contained within the application form.


Applying by post - confirmation requirements


Confirmation of identity - We can accept a certified copy of one of the following documents. Ensure (where applicable) the customer identification copy contains your name, signature (passport and Driving Licence), DOB, expiry date, photograph, document identification number (MRZ Code) and be valid as at date of presentation:


  • Current, valid full passport - Internal or domestic Russian passports are not acceptable as proof of identity
  • EU Driving Licence
  • National identity card (this excludes cards issued by the United Kingdom)

Confirmation of address - We can accept any one of the following certified documents which must include your full name or initials and surname.

  • Current Utility bill less than 6 months old and must not be first or final bill (electricity, water, gas, landline telephone, council tax or rates) Mobile phone bills are not acceptable.
  • Bank, Building Society or Credit Card statements must be less than 6 months old. Mortgage statements must be no more than 12 months old. (Statements and bills from Ulster Bank are not accepted e.g. credit card or mortgage statements)
  • EU Driving Licence – valid at time of presentation and confirming EU residential address (NB must not have been used for confirmation of identity)


If you can’t provide the preferred documents as outlined, please contact us on +44 2890 538267 to discuss what sort of documents you can provide that may be acceptable to us.

Certification requirements


All documents provided confirming identity and address must be certified. The following are acceptable certifiers:


  • A lawyer, an advocate or notary public who is a member of a professional body, evidence of which can be obtained from a law society or bar association site
  • An accountant who is member of a recognised professional body


Please ensure that the authentication on your copied identification clearly states ‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original document’. Further information on certification requirements can be found within the application form. The certifier must complete the template provided in the application form.


Please ensure certification provided is in English.


If it's easier, please feel free to drop into any Ulster Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland or Natwest Branch where a member of staff will certify your documents. 




Ready to apply? Print an application form and get started

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