Student Account

Our hassle-free bank account for your further studies

This product is no longer available for sale

Ulster Bank Ireland DAC is no longer accepting any new application requests from personal customers.  There are some exceptions to this for existing customers, click here for further information.

What do you get with your bank account?

Smartphone Payments

Smartphone Payments

With Apple Pay and Google Pay we can offer you safe, fast and simple ways to pay for every day items such as a newspaper or a coffee, using your mobile.

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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Our app is simple, clever and easy to use – you can even use it to withdraw cash at our cash machines and make payments to someone new without needing a card reader. Available to customers with Anytime Banking and a Republic of Ireland mobile number.

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Get Cash

Get Cash

Get Cash allows you to withdraw money from our cash machines without using your bank card. It’s handy for those times you left your wallet or purse at home and only have your mobile phone to hand.

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Visa Debit Card

Visa debit card

Withdraw cash and make purchases in store and online. Stamp Duty applies.

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Interest Free Student Overdraft

Interest-free Student Overdraft

Interest-free arranged overdraft up to €1,500 (more for certain degrees, subject to credit review & approval). To find out more on our student overdraft or to request a change to your existing limit, see our student overdraft page


Charges for additional services still apply, see our A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest (PDF).

Facial Recgonition

Facial Recognition
This is available on many phones which support Face ID. The Face ID technology allows you to log in to our mobile app by simply using your face. It works by the camera on the phone capturing accurate face data. Ulster Bank were the first bank in Ireland to introduce this function. This safe and secure function will provide you with even more convenience while banking on the Ulster Bank app.  

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Important Information

You must use your Ulster Bank Student Account as your main account and pay in regular amounts such as parental contribution, salary, student loan or other funding. Only one current account is permitted for each student.

A Government Stamp Duty charge of 12 cent is applied to each domestic  cash withdrawal made at an ATM. The total fee paid per annum per card is capped at €2.50 on ATM only cards and €5 on combined ATM and debit cards, and is applied annually in January.