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The Ulster Bank story

Ulster Bank has been at the heart of Irish life for over 175 years. We're proud of our long and distinguished history. The journey we've made over the last two centuries is an important part of who we are today. 

Our Story

Ulster Bank has been more than 175 years in the making. Our story is closely entwined with that of the island and people we serve.

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Change of legal entity type for Ulster Bank Ireland Limited

Ulster Bank Ireland Limited (the “Bank”) wishes to inform its customers that it is converting to a company type as required by the Companies Act 2014. With effect from the 23 May 2016, the Bank will become a Designated Activity Company (DAC) and alter its name to Ulster Bank Ireland DAC.  

The Bank will continue to use its existing trading name Ulster Bank. If you are currently a customer of the Bank this change will not affect any contracts or arrangements you currently have with us and you do not need to take any action.

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Our Banknotes

We started issuing banknotes in 1836 and still do so today. Over the last 175 years our banknotes have served our customers well and their design and security features have become increasingly sophisticated.

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Our Archives

Ulster Bank is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS). Like Ulster Bank, RBS values its long and distinguished heritage highly and keeps a historical archive where records relating to its history are protected, used and made available to researchers.

Our archives may well be of interest if you are a family or local historian or if you are undertaking postgraduate historical research and want to explore the part we’ve played in Ireland’s story.

To find out more about the archives and heritage of Ulster Bank and its Irish constituents, visit the RBS Heritage Hub.