Reclaim Form

Please use this form to submit a request to reclaim funds from the Ulydien Trust. A separate reclaim form must be submitted for each account that entered the Trust.  Supporting documentation will be required as part of the reclaim process.  These documents can only be submitted online where the applicant is resident in Republic of Ireland, UK or Europe and aged 18 years and over, otherwise you must submit your reclaim through the postal process. If a parent or guardian is supporting a minor with the reclaim process, the reclaim and supporting documentation can be submitted online.

You will be asked to provide some key information to us when you are completing this form, such as:


  1. Your personal details including name, address and contact number, PPSN /TIN (Tax Identification Number), Country of Birth and Nationality. Please be advised that all parties to the closed UBIDAC account or product must be included on the reclaim form for e.g. for a joint account you must provide personal details for all account holders. For a business account you must provide personal details for all key principles. This includes personal mobile and email address.  Supporting documentation will also be required for all parties to the account.
  2. Details of the closed UBIDAC account/product that entered the Trust, including sort code and account number or IBAN or Credit Card number or reference number.  
  3. Details of the account you would like funds to be paid into if your reclaim request is successful – each party or parties named held on the closed UBIDAC account must be named on the receiving bank account i.e. if the original account was in a sole name, joint name or business name, the account that you want funds to be paid to must match the UBIDAC account records.  
  4. BIC and IBAN : for some users these fields will be case sensitive. This information must be keyed in all upper case or all lower case letters only. e.g. the BIC for AIB should be AIBKIE2D or aibkie2d                                                                            
  5. Please check that the address details you have provided, and that we will be verifying, match the address on the receiving account.
  6. You will be required to provide information and documentation confirming your tax details. This includes confirmation if you are a US Citizen and/or a tax resident outside of Ireland. This information will be shared with Irish Revenue and our banking partner AIB. This is required under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), as incorporated into Irish Law.