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Help with managing your finances in difficult times

Help with managing debt

  • Maximise your income - look at the different ways of increasing your household income.
  • Review the terms of any Payment Protection policies you might have - it could help cover your payments.
  • Review the terms of any other protection policies you have - such as life/mortgage protection or critical illness protection.
  • Reduce your spending - try to cut out things you don't need, shop around for bargains and keep a 'spend diary'. Visit sites like www.seai.ie for tips on saving energy. Ask us about online banking, which will help you budget more effectively.
  • Plan a budget - this can be tough, but it can really help you to clear your arrears bit by bit. If you know how much money is coming in and going out, you'll know just how much you need to meet your bills.

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For Loan or overdraft debt assistance call us today:

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