This product is no longer available for sale.

Ulster Bank Ireland DAC is no longer accepting any new application requests from personal customers.  There are some exceptions to this for existing customers, click here for further information.

To support customers in their transition to a new financial institution, we are removing some of our fees and interest. Where applicable, we will no longer charge the following fees and interest, effective from dates below:

18th August 2022

Surcharge Interest (additional 9% on top of the overdraft interest rate)*

19th August 2022

Overdraft Set Up Fee (€25)

*Overdraft interest continues to be applied on all overdrawn balances, including any excess amount.

What is an Overdraft?

An arranged overdraft gives you access to extra funds in your current account when you run out of money unexpectedly.

For example, if you have €30 in your current account and you have an overdraft limit of €100, you could then make a payment of up to €130.

You only pay interest when you use your overdraft. Interest is charged on the amount you’ve borrowed at the stated rate for your account.

Fees and Charges - The need to knows

If you spend more money than you have in your account, or go over your overdraft limit, this is called an unarranged overdraft. An unarranged overdraft will incur debit interest at the overdraft interest rate for your account type, and should be avoided.

For full details of the interest and charges please read  A guide to personal account fees and interest.

Eligible accounts

Arranged overdrafts are available on the following accounts:

  • Current
  • Private
  • Current Plus
  • ufirst
  • ufirstgold
  • ufirst Private
  • Student
  • Graduate Accounts

Arranged overdrafts are not available on the following accounts:

  • Dual
  • Service
  • Adapt
  • Facility
  • Standard Accounts

All the above accounts are no longer available.

What if I have a student or graduate account?

Student overdrafts are interest-free up to €2,500 depending on your course and level of grant.

Graduate overdrafts are interest-free up to €1,500 for up to one year after you graduate.

Common questions