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Loans from €2,500 to €75,000

Considering a personal loan?

What is a personal loan?

It allows you to borrow a fixed amount over a fixed term, usually at a fixed rate of interest.

  • Borrow between €2,500 and €75,000
    Flexible repayment terms of 1 - 10 years (depending on your loan purpose)
  • Borrow for almost any purpose
    Buying a new car, making some home improvements or funding your child's university education? We could help.
  • Monthly repayments with no upfront fees or charges
    Your rate is fixed for the term of the loan meaning no unexpected changes to your repayment amount. We won't charge you to set up your loan.
  • Apply online and we'll pre-fill part of your application to save you time. 

We will not give a personal loan for these reasons

  • House purchase or site/land purchase
  • Share purchase
  • Purchase of property or land overseas;
  • Deposit for the purchase of property or land including mortgage, either in Ireland or overseas;
  • Repaying or reducing a mortgage either in Ireland or overseas;
  • Mortgage arrears either in Ireland or overseas;
  • Investment in a business venture;
  • Gambling and/or repayment of a gambling debt;
  • Illegal/unethical purposes;
  • Home Improvement Loans for rented properties.  Available to home owners only.

Calculate your monthly loan repayments before starting your application

When applying for a loan online you won't have an opportunity to amend your loan amount without restarting your application.

Save yourself time and do the sums upfront in three simple steps.

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