Security Centre

Stay alert and protect yourself from Fraud & Scams with the following 5 ways.

  1. Remember the bank will NEVER ask you to share your PIN’s, passwords, One Time Passcodes or QR Reader codes. Don’t tell anyone your security details even if they tell you they are from the bank
  2. Ulster Bank will NEVER ask you to transfer money to a “Safe Account”
  3. Do not click on any links contained within emails or text messages purporting to be from the bank or another trusted organisation
  4. Never approve a payment in your mobile app that you don’t recognise
  5. Stay in control and don’t let anyone rush you or make you feel pressured

If you have become a victim of Fraud call us on 0818 210 260 (24 hours – 7 days a week) If calling from outside Ireland call 00353 1804 7475

Ways to keep yourself safe

Mobile App Security

Report a fraud, suspicious emails & texts

Protect yourself from scams & fraud

How we protect you

Unrecognised card transactions

Strong Customer Authentication

News Alert

Help with your card reader

Once you activate your card reader you'll be able to access the full features of Anytime Banking and telephone banking.

 Make a payment for the first time

 Set up or change a single or regular payment instruction

 Create or amend a standing order

 Update and change your details

 Set up travel markers

 Make international payments


Reporting a Security Vulnerability

Our fundamental purpose is to keep our customers safe and secure and that’s why we at Ulster Bank take the security of our systems seriously.

If you have identified a potential vulnerability, please reach out to us via our Responsible Disclosure Programme – managed by Bugcrowd. Any submissions must be made through Bugcrowd and submitted on their platform.

NatWest Group will not accept submissions that have been found through the use of malignant or illegitimate means - If our Security Operations Centre identify your actions as malicious this will be treated as an attack and not a Responsible Disclosure submission.

Before submitting your finding please read over the terms and scope, and submit here

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