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Be aware of Covid-19 scams fraud. We have noticed criminals are using this as part of their scam tactics - please be vigilant.

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Friends Against Scams

There are many different types of scams. Keep your money safe from them all.

Scams can be very believable and are often the work of highly organised criminals. Here are a few tips for protecting yourself:

  • Don’t tell anyone your security details
  • Don’t assume the person who contacted you is genuine
  • Don’t let them rush you
  • If you’re suspicious, go with your instincts
  • Stay in control

Friends Against Scams

Friends Against Scams aims to prevent people becoming victims of scams. Joining Friends Against Scams will equip you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself from the emotional and financial impact. You’ll learn how to:

  • Spot a potential scam and report it
  • Avoid becoming a target for scammers
  • Find out about new scams so you can take steps to protect yourself
  • Have conversations with friends, family and community to share your knowledge and raise your collective awareness

We can quickly let you know about any suspicious activity on your account if we have your current contact details. Check them today and tell us if there have been any changes to your mobile number or email address.

Help with your card reader

Once you activate your card reader you'll be able to access the full features of Anytime Banking and telephone banking.

 Make a payment for the first time

 Set up or change a single or regular payment instruction

 Create or amend a standing order

 Update and change your details

 Set up travel markers

 Make international payments


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