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Top 5 ways to keep yourself safe from scams and fraud

Do not click on any links contained within emails or text messages purporting to be from your Bank or another trusted organisation.

If you receive an unexpected request from a trusted company, you should contact them independently on a different number or check their website for the latest scams. 

Looking for personal identifiers in emails. We'll always use at least 2 pieces of information (such as your name and partial eircode) to show it's us contacting you. 

Your Bank will NEVER ask you to share your PIN’s, passwords, or One-Time Passcodes. Don’t tell anyone your security details even if they tell you they are from your Bank.

Stay in control and don’t let anyone rush you or make you feel pressured.

To find out more, we have gathered some helpful resources and links to other organisations to help you.

Latest scams to look out for

Criminals are very good at tricking you into believing they are from your bank, law enforcement or other trusted organisations, sending fake emails or text messages in order to get their hands on your money or personal information.

Often these approaches are linked to current news topics, in-demand products and services (such as “too good to be true” concert ticket or holiday deals), or they make promises of great returns when investing in their schemes, which often don’t exist or are worthless.

You should never take an unexpected request or “bargain” at face value and should always look to verify it independently. 

Common types of fraud & scams:

  • Telephone Fraud
  • Text message fraud
  • Sim Swap
  • Social Media
  • Email Fraud
  • Investment & Cryptocurrency Fraud
  • Romance Scams
  • ATM Fraud
  • Doorstep Scams

Don't fret just yet. The payment you've made might be genuine.

Sometimes businesses you pay may use different trading names. For example something purchased from Burton or TopShop, may appear as ‘Arcadia Group‘ on your statement. A quick internet search can help. Or, you can use our list below.

List of retailers

Report a Fraud?

Have you noticed any suspicious transactions on your Ulster Bank account?

You can report this to us by calling: 0818 210 260 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays) of complete our online fom.

If calling from outside Ireland call: 00 353 1 8047475

You can reverse the charges on calls from abroad through the international operator when calling from a landline.

Please be prepared to answer some security questions so we can verify you.

Calls may be recorded.