Report a Fraud

Noticed a transaction you don't recognise? Follow the below steps to report fraud.

If you still have an issue with a payment, we're here to help.

Need to cancel a regular payment?

You can cancel a regular debit or credit card payment by simply giving us a few details

A regular debit or credit card payment is not a direct debit or a standing order. It's a regular payment made from your card, like a subscription to a publication or a service, such as Netflix.


Cancel a regular debit card payment online


Cancel a regular credit card payment online

Do you know your consumer rights?

Often the quickest way to solve the problem is to contact the supplier so make sure you know your rights first.

Paying for things using your debit or credit card is quick and easy, but sometimes things don't go as smoothly as planned. When something goes wrong, it helps if you know your rights.


Competition and Consumer Protection Commision rights guide

Not received goods or services?

Start a claim for goods or services you haven't received.

The first step in making a claim is speaking to the retailer to see if they can resolve, if you are unable to contact the company please continue.

If you have a claim against one retailer or more you will need to complete multiple forms. 

Please have the following information ready:

The name of the retailer 

The date and amount of the transaction(s)

The description of the goods / services ordered

Please note, this form will expire in 60 minutes.


Start a claim for missing goods or services paid for by debit card


Start a claim for missing goods or services paid for by credit card

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