Bankline Charging


Monthly Subscription              €5*
SEPA payments                                                                                                   €0.38
Urgent domestic payments €18.38
International Payments   25% discount on the paper payment pricing

SEPA Money Transfer service

This provides the ability to import both debit or credit files and is suitable for processing high volumes of transactions.  It is typically used for staff payroll, supplier payments via the SEPA Credit Transfer service as well as for collecting funds via the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.  SEPA Money Transfer has separate Terms and Conditions and is subject to application. 


File Charge                                                                                             €3.40**
Item charge (for each item on the file)                   €0.05**                                                         

Statement Download

This optional service is for businesses with high volumes of transactions, looking to automate their bank reconciliation.  It is a tailored service, providing customised automated transaction files based on customer requirements.


  Statement Download  (charge per file )                                  €25.00                                                            

Business Current Account fees and charges may apply.  Please see "A Guide to Business Current Account Fees" and 'Schedule of Service - Payment and International Fees & Charges' for a list of payment fees & charges.

*Effective August 2022, Ulster Bank Ireland DAC will waive the €5 Bankline Monthly Subscription fee.

** Effective 1st January 2023, Ulster Bank will waive the File charge and Item charge for the SEPA Money Transfer – SEPA Credit Transfer Service (only).