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Financial Abuse

What is financial abuse?

Financial abuse (also referred to as economic abuse) can take a variety of different forms. It might be financial control, exploitation or sabotage. It can happen in a range of different relationships with partners, family members or carers. Financial abuse could happen to anyone.

If you're affected by financial abuse, we can offer support to help you regain control of your finances. The most important thing is that you talk to someone - there is always help available to you.

What could financial abuse look like?

You or someone you know may be affected by financial abuse. Here are some questions which might help you recognise if this is the case.

Has your partner, family member, carer or friend:

  • Asked you to account for everything you spend?
  • Insisted you give them your income from salary or benefit payments?
  • Stopped you from having access to your bank account or insisted their name be added to your accounts?
  • Forced you to take out credit agreements for products that they then use for example car finance or mobile phone contracts?
  • Forced you to put all the household bills in your name?
  • Stopped you from going to work/college or university?
  • Cashed your pension or other cheques without your permission?
  • Stopped you from spending on essentials?

Organisations that can offer support