Mobile Banking Security

Features and tips to help you stay safe

Our top security tips

Here are the top five security tips to help you stay safe while using our mobile and tablet apps.

We take the security of your money very seriously

That's why, for our banking apps, we've put it front and centre. We get independent experts to regularly test, update and confirm our systems meet the highest standards of security you expect from our other services.

You are also automatically covered by our Secure Banking Promise, our commitment to you in the event of fraud, as long as you've kept your security information secret.

How we protect you

Common mobile scams and how to spot them

Sim Swapping

When fraudsters try to move your mobile number to their device


When fraudsters send you a text to trick you into giving out your information


When fraudsters send you an email to trick you into giving out your information


When fraudsters create social media accounts to trick you into give out your information

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