Dispute a transaction

Let us know about your dispute

Before you begin

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Have you checked with the retailer first?

Most retailers will want to put things right if they have made a mistake. We'll need evidence that you have spoken to the retailer to proceed with your claim. We will not be able to help if you have not approached the retailer for help.

Is the transaction pending?

For us to help, the transaction needs to have been fully processed and no longer pending. Pending transactions will show at the top of your statements under 'Pending' banner. If the transaction is still pending we are not able to help with your claim.
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How long ago was the transaction?

There is a set period of time after a payment has left your account, within which disputes can be raised. So, it is important to get in touch as soon as possible.

Did you use your card?

If so, great. Please note, if you are disputing multiple transactions and they are on different card numbers then they need to be submitted on separate forms.

Getting started with your claim

Here's what we'll need:

  • The retailer name
  • The transaction amount and the date
  • Your account details

For some disputes we might also need evidence of your attempts to cancel the transaction or return the goods. This could be contact with the retailer, or a courier tracking number, as well as:

  • A receipt or invoice
  • The retailer's terms and conditions
  • Evidence of retailer rejecting your dispute with them

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