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Important Change

At this time, Ulster Bank will not be proceeding with the increase to the transaction fee for Payments and Transfers carried out in a branch from €0.20 to €0.80 as previously advised earlier this year to impacted customers. This change was due to take effect from 18th April and is unrelated to our response to COVID-19.

Important Update to Fees and Interest 25/08/2022

To support customers in their transition to a new Financial Provider, we are removing some of our fees and interest. Where applicable, we will no longer charge the following fees and interest, effective from dates below:

Product Type

Fee Description

Fee/Interest Rate prior to removal

Effective date of Removal

Personal Current Accounts

Surcharge Interest*

9% (Additional 9% on top of the overdraft interest rate)


Personal Current Accounts

Overdraft Set Up Fee



Foreign Currency Current Account

Administration Fee - Sterling accounts**



Foreign Currency Current Account

Administration Fee - All other currency accounts**



Personal Current Accounts

Monthly Maintenance Fee**



Personal Current Accounts

Unpaid Outwards Charge



Personal Current Accounts

Irregular Account Charge



*Overdraft interest continues to be applied on all overdrawn balances, including any excess amount.
** Transaction fees will continue to apply.

Please note:

Please click here for FAQ’s relating to these changes.

Fees and charges explained

Fees and charges apply to the following accounts; Current, Standard, Dual, Current Plus and Facility Accounts. 

    We charge transaction fees for the following transaction types:  

    o   Contactless transactions 

    o   Automated transactions

    o  Debit card transactions

    o   ATM withdrawals

    o   In branch and counter transactions


 Transaction type


Fee per transaction

  •  Using a  Debit Card  for purchases in Euro within SEPA* including Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions
  • Direct Debits
  • Standing Orders
  • Payments and transfers into your account via branch, Mobile Banking,  Anytime Internet and Telephone Banking
  • Credit transfers via branch, Mobile Banking,  Anytime Internet and Telephone Banking
 Debit Card
  • Using a Debit Card for purchases in Euro** within SEPA
  • In app Apple Pay transactions**
  • In app Google Pay transactions**
  • Refunds and Credits into your account via Debit Card

 ATM Withdrawal

  • Cash withdrawal*** in Euro  within SEPA
  • Cash withdrawal at any Ulster Bank, RBS or NatWest branded cash machine (ATM)
 In branch/  Counter (Including An Post****
and Cash & Cheque
lodgement machines)
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cash lodgements
  • Cheque withdrawals
  • Cheque lodgements
  • Credit transfers associated with Bank Giro Credit Payments
  • Payments into your account using a Bank Giro Credit slip
  • Bank Draft lodgements
  • Withdrawals associated with Bank Drafts
  • Offset Money Manager Transfers


Charges for additional services may still apply.  Please see our booklet A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest.

* The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) includes any countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) & Switzerland, San Marino & Monaco

** Euro Debit Card, In app Apple Pay and In App Google Pay transactions completed online, over the phone or via mail order, irrespective of whether the retailer is based inside SEPA or outside SEPA, will be charged this fee

*** Including Emergency Cash & Get Cash transactions

**** Cash and cheque lodgements must be lodged separately at An Post outlets and separate transaction fees will apply. Cash withdrawals cannot be undertaken at An Post outlets.

Waivers explained

  • If you keep a minimum cleared balance of €3,000 in your account at all times during each charging cycle you won't be charged transaction fees.  
  • If you are aged 66 or over you will not pay transaction fees.
  • Fees and charges will be applied to your account each month. You can find more information on our charging cycles in our booklet Guide to Personal Account Fees and Interest.
  • If the amount of your transaction fees is €4 or more each month, we’ll send you a pre-notification of charges statement to let you know how much you’ll be charged, at least 10 business days before we apply any fees.

Check the table below for further information on the waivers:

  Description What you'll be charged
Age-based waiver Accounts maintained by customers aged 66 years of age and over

    Free from transaction fees

Balance waiver Cleared balance of €3,000 is maintained for each charging cycle Free from transaction fees



Manage your transaction fees

We want you to get the most out of your Ulster Bank Current Account.  Here's some ways to help you manage transaction fees:

Not registered for Anytime and Mobile Banking?

As a registered Anytime Internet Banking customer, you can save money if you transact online or use our mobile app. Compared to ATM or in branch transactions (€0.35 or €0.80), online transactions will cost you €0.20 per transaction.

Use Contactless payments, Apple Pay or Google Pay

Contactless, Apple Pay or Google Pay (for purchases up to value of €50) transactions cost the lowest - €0.01 per transaction.

Use your Visa debit card

Debit card purchases in store or online cost €0.20.

Get cash back

Withdrawing cash in the branch costs €0.80 or €0.35 at an ATM. Reduce these fees by getting cash back using your debit card which costs €0.20 per transaction.

Use fewer cheques

Cheques are a costly way to make a payment. Make payment by electronic transfer, Direct Debit or use your debit card to reduce transaction fees.

Fee waivers

Transaction fees are waived if a €3,000 balance is maintained in your account at all times during each charging cycle. 

Transaction fees are waived if you are aged 66 or over.

Take a look at the 'Waiver explained' and 'Fees and charges explained' sections above for more information.

Check your account type

Transaction fees do not apply on Student, Adapt, ufirst*, ufirstgold*, Foundation and Private accounts.

Statement of Fees

We have recently introduced a new annual Statement of Fees (SoF) for personal current account customers. This statement details the fees and interest that has been paid or earned in the period shown on the SoF. For more detail on SoF, please read through our FAQs.


*No longer on sale

A breakdown of fees


Customer scenarios

Want to see how the changes to our current account fees work in practice? Here are the experiences of seven different customers and what they can do to reduce their fees.

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