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This product is no longer available for sale

Ulster Bank Ireland DAC is no longer accepting any new application requests from personal customers.  There are some exceptions to this for existing customers, click here for further information.

Important Update to Fees and Interest 25/08/2022

To support customers in their transition to a new Financial Provider, we are removing some of our fees and interest. Where applicable, we will no longer charge the following fees and interest, effective from dates below:

Product Type

Fee Description

Fee/Interest Rate prior to removal

Effective date of Removal

Personal Current Accounts

Surcharge Interest*

9% (Additional 9% on top of the overdraft interest rate)


Personal Current Accounts

Overdraft Set Up Fee



Foreign Currency Current Account

Administration Fee - Sterling accounts**



Foreign Currency Current Account

Administration Fee - All other currency accounts**



Personal Current Accounts

Monthly Maintenance Fee**



Personal Current Accounts

Unpaid Outwards Charge



Personal Current Accounts

Irregular Account Charge



*Overdraft interest continues to be applied on all overdrawn balances, including any excess amount.
** Transaction fees will continue to apply.

Please note:

Please click here for FAQ’s relating to these changes.

What do you get with your bank account?

Current account fees and charges

Transaction fees apply to the Current Account.

We charge transaction fees for:

    Debit card transactions

    Automated transactions

    ATM withdrawals

    In branch and counter transactions

    Contactless transactions

You can avoid paying transaction fees by maintaining a minimum cleared balance of €3,000 in your account at all times during each charging cycle.

If you are aged 66 or over you will not pay transaction fees.

Fees and charges will be applied to your account each month. You can find more information on our charging cycles in our booklet Guide to Personal Account Fees and Interest

If the amount of your transaction fees are €4 or more each month, we’ll send you a pre-notification of charges statement to let you know how much you’ll be charged, at least 10 business days before we apply any fees.”

Find out more about our current account fees and charges