Help with Credit Cards

Common questions

Taking your credit card abroad?

Our credit cards are accepted at millions of overseas retailers and cash machines, just look for the VISA or MasterCard logos when using your card as normal.

For details of where you can withdraw cash abroad, please access the following ATM locators.

Visa ATMs

MasterCard ATMs

Remember to take this number with you in case you have any issues

0044 1702 275532

Foreign exchange rates

Daily credit card foreign exchange rates are set by Visa and MasterCard. The links below will transfer you to the Visa and MasterCard websites to calculate indicative foreign exchange rates. Please note that currencies fluctuate everyday. Credit card purchases outside the euro-zone incur an administration levy equivalent to 2% of the transaction value.

If your credit card displays the Visa logo please access Visa daily foreign exchange rates online.

If your credit card displays the MasterCard logo please access MasterCard daily foreign exchange rates online.

Card Protection Insurance Policies


Card Protection is an optional policy which offers protection to policyholders in the event of card loss or fraud. This product was provided by Homecare Insurance Limited, a subsidiary of the CPP Group and its partner banks.

Consumers may have been provided with inaccurate information (some of the advertised benefits could not be claimed) when the policy was sold as the product contained an element of cover for unauthorised use which was not required, as certain events were covered by the card scheme. 

For more information or to request a claim form, please click the button below