Student Overdraft

Applying for and managing a student overdraft

The need to knows

  • We offer an interest-free overdraft of up to €2,500 depending on whether you receive a grant and the course you are studying
  • If you receive a grant, you can apply for up to €1,500, depending on your grant level. If you don't, you must be an existing Ulster Bank customer for 12 months to apply. The maximum amount you can apply for is €750
  • Students of medicine, dentistry, law, accountancy, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy and veterinary science can apply for up to €2,500
  • Overdrafts have to be repaid within one year of finishing your course

Changing your limit

It's easy to change your limit, simply follow the application process below and tell us the total amount you would like, rather than the amount you want to increase or decrease your overdraft by.

To completely remove your overdraft limit, enter '0' when asked for the total limit you require on your account.

Ready to get started?

To apply online you should:

  • Be aged 18 or over, living in the Republic of Ireland
  • Be registered for Anytime Banking
  • Have an Ulster Bank Student Account
  • Use the account as your main account by withdrawing money at least three times a month and making at least one lodgement each quarter
  • Ensure your account remains in credit for 30 days each year

You will also need a valid contact telephone number. You can provide your landline number when you apply. Please ensure your mobile number is up to date before you apply.  You can amend your number in the “Your Details” section of Anytime Banking

If you are not registered for Anytime Banking, you can register now. Otherwise please visit your local branch to apply.