Tracker Mortgage Options

Tracker Mortgage Customers

We understand your circumstances may have changed

Our Tracker & Negative Equity mortgages are for existing tracker mortgage customers who wish to move to a new home and are either on a tracker rate or indeed are both on a tracker rate and in negative equity.

Tracker & Negative Equity excludes investment properties and is only available on your main home.

If you are ready to make a move you could talk to one of our Mortgage Managers and find out how much you could borrow.

Talk to us about your specific needs on 01 7092500 or 0818 210 275..

Our Tracker mortgages could allow existing Tracker Mortgage customers to:

Transfer your negative equity to a new home

Trade down and move to a smaller property with a lesser mortgage

Trade up and move to a larger property with a bigger mortgage

Have a new loan to value (LTV) up to 140%

Extend the term of your mortgage up to 35 years (to maximum age 70)

Change ownership of your mortgaged property

Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply

Important Information for existing tracker rate customers

If you are on a tracker rate and you wish to move home using a Home Mover mortgage, you will lose your right to your tracker rate for the lifetime of your mortgage.

You will have a new mortgage agreement and your monthly repayments, your total amount repayable, and the interest rate on your mortgage may be higher than under your previous mortgage.

We'll make sure all of this is clear to you upfront.

I’m on a tracker rate & want to move home