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CSIS Incident Response Kit

CSIS Incident Response Kit

Utilising our Incident Response Kits helps us understand how fraudulent events have happened and in most cases what is responsible for any data compromise.

What does the Incident Response Kit do?

  • Automatically scan to identify indicators of compromise
  • Can identify threats that anti-virus does not
  • Root cause identification to support fraud investigation

How did this happen?

We use this information to work with law enforcement partners to take coordinated efforts and to improve our detective capabilities to better protect our customers.

  • It will take around 5 minutes to provide required information and start the automatic scan
  • The Incident Response Kit will undertake a forensic search to gather indicators of compromise. Typically this will take 1-2 hours, however once started requires no further interaction until complete and you can use your computer while the search is running.
  • Once the full details have been gathered and analysed we will use the information to support our fraud investigation and mitigation.

About CSIS Security Group

Founded in Copenhagen in 2003, CSIS Security Group is a leading independent provider of cyber security services in Europe. Credited by Gartner Group for its threat intelligence capabilities, the company mitigates customers’ security risk with a range of preventive security products and services, as well as incident response and managed security services. CSIS is the preferred cyber security provider to some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations, and is a trusted advisor to law enforcement agencies, government and news media.