Current Accounts

Foundation Account

An account with basic features

This product is no longer available for sale

Ulster Bank Ireland DAC is no longer accepting any new application requests from personal customers.  There are some exceptions to this for existing customers, click here for further information.

Our account with basic features

The Foundation Account is our account with basic features which gives you instant access to your money.You can only have one Foundation Account, this can be a sole or joint account. You can apply in branch if you're an ROI resident, aged 18 or over.

Pay your bills
Make regular payments by Direct Debit or standing order.

No transaction fees.
No charges for arranging or having Standing Orders or Direct Debits. 

Visa serviceCARD 
Withdraw cash worldwide and make purchases in store and online. 

Pay using Contactless wherever you see the Contactless symbol. Retailer limits apply.

Regular statements
Check your account online or receive paper statements.

Anytime Internet and Telephone Banking, Mobile Phone Banking and Alert                                 

To avail of Mobile Phone Banking you must be registered for Anytime Internet Banking and have an ROI mobile number. To avail of the Alerts Service you need to have a valid ROI mobile number or a valid email address.    

See A guide to personal accounts fees and interest for more information on fees and charges for other services.

Key Account Information

Foundation Account Lodgement Limit

There is a maximum amount that can be lodged to the account over a 12 month period. This amount is equivalent to the national minimum hourly rate of pay (as declared from time to time in accordance with section 11 of the National Minimum Wage Act 2000 (No. 5 of 2000) multiplied by 2,080 (i.e. 40 hour week x 52 weeks of the year).

For example, based on the current national minimum hourly rate of pay of €10.20, the maximum amount that can be lodged to the Foundation Account over a 12 month period is €21,216 ( i.e. €10.20 x 40 hours per week x 52 weeks per year).

If money is lodged to your Foundation Account that is in excess of the lodgement limit we may change your account to a Standard Account. We will write and tell you at least 60 days before we do this at which time we will provide you with up to date copies of Personal Banking Terms and ConditionsA Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest and Fee Information Document (Foundation Account)

Arranged overdrafts are not available on your account.

Chequebooks are not available on your account.

Charges for additional services may still apply. Please see our booklet A Guide to Personal Accounts Fees and Interest for further details.

A Government Stamp Duty charge of €0.12 is applied to each domestic cash withdrawal made at an ATM. The total fee paid per annum per card is capped at €5 on combined ATM and debit cards, and is applied annually in January.

(ATM: Automated Teller Machine)